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The locality Borov Dol covers parts of the territory of the municipality of Konche, the municipality of Shtip and a small part of the municipality of Radovish in the southeastern part of the Republic of North Macedonia. The total area is 4.72km2 or 472 hectares.

Solway Investment Group and the Bucim mine launched a project in 2018 to open a new copper ore mine at Borov Dol. The new surface mine should allow for the prolongation of the digging of copper ore until 2030 and thereby maximize the lifetime of exploitation of the flotation and other existing facilities at the Bucim mine.

In August 2018, the application for permission for exploitation of copper ore at the locality Borov Dol was submitted, in accordance with Article 55 of the Law on Mineral Resources of the Republic of North Macedonia.

On 8 October 2018, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of North Macedonia granted the license for exploitation of a mineral resource – copper at the new mine Borov Dol, registered under the number 24-4732 / 2 by the company Borov Dol – DOOEL Radovish. The exploitation permit refers to a concession area with an area of 4.72 km2 limited by the appropriate coordinates.

At the Borov Dol mine, only exploitation of mineral copper raw materials will be performed and the ore will be transported using a conveyor system to the flotation plant in Bucim.

The opening of the Borov Dol mine will bring numerous social and economic benefits. It extends the operations of the Bucim mine until 2030 and maximizes the lifetime of the existing plants.

The construction and operation of the Borov Dol mine will be a great benefit for the local economy. Borov Dol will promote and modernize the local road network.