Vision Mission Values


Bucim acts responsibly and strives to make a positive contribution to the environment and local communities through our activities. It is critical to maintain stable and sustainable development, while growing and creating shareholder value. Being welcomed in a community where we operate demands responsible social, economic and environmental performance across everything we do.


Bucim’s passionate, professional team remains true to the company’s philosophy: by pursuing excellence and working together, we can create value and opportunities which allow us and the local communities in which we operate to grow and flourish. We’re committed in heart and mind.


We are consistently honest, ethical, and fair in our words and actions. We honor our commitments and work to maintain our reputation in the mining field. What we do, we must do well. Bucim’s reliability, successful track record, and global scale of operations inspire confidence in our ongoing performance and prospects for the future.

Calculated Risk

Investment always involves a degree of risk and a range of challenges. Our culture of constant innovation and our passion for professionalism have led to new ways of working, both in the development of processes and product.


We achieve excellent performance through teamwork, diligence, and innovation. We are persistent in our pursuit of doing better and focus our resources, time and effort to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Professionalism and passion drive our company, and we strive to promote a culture which embraces challenging situations requiring strong management skills and technological expertise.