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Borov Dol and Bucim mines demonstrate commitment to environmental protection through Mantovo lake cleanup

Borov Dol and Bucim mines have demonstrated their commitment to environmental preservation by undertaking extensive efforts to clean the shores of Lake Mantovo. As part of the GENERALKA WEEKEND eco initiative, over 40 volunteers, drawn from the ranks of Borov Dol and Bucim employees, dedicated their free time to restore the pristine beauty of this crucial natural asset in the municipality of Konche.

The cleanup, which marked the second day of eco-action within Generalka Weekend’24, witnessed enthusiastic participation from both employees and management. The collective efforts resulted in a comprehensive cleaning of Lake Mantovo’s entire shoreline, highlighting Borov Dol and Bucim mines’ steadfast commitment to fostering a cleaner and healthier environment for the Radovish and Konche communities.

Ivica Karapetrov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim and Borov Dol, expressed gratitude for the collaborative endeavor, stating: “Today’s initiative exemplifies our strong belief in the importance of environmental stewardship. By mobilizing our resources and manpower, we not only cleaned up the shores of Lake Mantovo but also showcased our unwavering dedication to creating a sustainable future for current and future generations.”

As official partners of GENERALKA WEEKEND, management pledges to continue organizing and participating in similar eco-actions aimed at raising awareness among the populace and preserving the environment. Committed to sustainable practices and community engagement, Buchim and Borov Dol Mines aspire to inspire positive change and instill a sense of environmental responsibility within the community.

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