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Borov Dol Mine Celebrates Spring Day with Major Tree-Planting Initiative

1,500 Seedlings Planted to Reforest Areas Around Borov Dol Mine

In celebration of Spring Day, forty dedicated volunteers from Borov Dol and Buchim Mines planted 1,500 seedlings, reforesting approximately 9,000 square meters around the Borov Dol mine. This initiative is part of Borov Dol Mine’s comprehensive environmental strategy, aimed at fostering a healthier environment and promoting community development through active employee involvement in reforestation efforts.

Marina Saneva, Environmental Engineer at Borov Dol, emphasized the significance of the initiative, stating: “Our afforestation efforts are vital for maintaining ecological balance and improving biodiversity. This action is a clear demonstration of our commitment to sustainable development and our proactive approach to environmental care.”

Alekxandr Rakov, Manager of Borov Dol and Bucim Mines, highlighted the ongoing nature of these eco-actions, adding: “At Borov Dol and Bucim, environmental responsibility and ESG principles are deeply embedded in our operations. This tree-planting initiative is part of our continuous efforts to positively impact the environment and the community. We are planning another tree-planting campaign in the fall, aiming to create a sustainable and prosperous future.”

These eco-actions are integral to the mines’ annual agenda, reflecting a strong commitment to minimizing environmental impact, engaging employees in the company’s initiatives, and ensuring responsible operations. These initiatives not only preserve biodiversity and restore natural habitats but also raise awareness of environmental care among employees and local communities.

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