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Bucim Brings Attention to the Needs of Children in Challenging Life Circumstances

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, Bucim Radovish and the Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum in Shtip initiated a public dialogue on the needs and challenges of young people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

As part of its community support program, Bucim is prioritizing projects aimed at the education, career development, and well-being of children and youth. These initiatives include career mentorship and apprenticeship activities for young people in surrounding communities, support for athletic and wellness projects, participation in the “Donate a Computer” program, and the distribution of food packages to families in need.

On World Refugee Day, Bucim and the Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum in Shtip presented an exhibition aimed at highlighting the challenges and social needs faced by young people living through difficult life situations.

Scientific research shows that children in challenging life circumstances can’t progress until they feel they belong to and are part of a social group. To educate communities on how to help these youngsters integrate, young artists aged 11-17 from around the world volunteered their artworks that highlight the aspects of life and the depths of the human heart. To create “The Book of Humanity,” young artists were called to explore what being human means. Their artworks communicate the world’s cultural richness and the values of love, kindness, and friendship through images, drawings, sketches, films, photographs, and collages.

“The Book of Humanity” is part of the Global Ready2Print Gallery, an innovative concept that allows anyone to draw attention to the current humanitarian crisis by printing selected artworks and hosting a charity exhibition in their own space.

The project is curated by Petra Zublasing, an Italian Olympic athlete and professional illustrator, and a member of #creativefellowship who works in publishing and advertising. Previous exhibitions under her curatorship include:

2021: The Museum of Happiness, SAAS Gallery, London

2023: Be Your Own Hero, Apiano Community Center, Bolzano region, Italy

2023: Be Your Own Hero, Moliere Studio Theater, Vienna, Austria

This project is made possible thanks to:  Bucim (Macedonia), NI Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments (Macedonia), Creative Fellowship Foundation s.r.o. (Slovakia), Monte Language School (Brazil), Attitude Studios Vienna (Austria), Le Salley Dialogue School (France), PROSPECTIS SAS (France), and Dot Shot Creative Agency (Slovakia).

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