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Borov Dol supports infrastructural developments in Konce

The new copper mine, Borov Dol Radovish, donated funds to a new municipal road construction project currently in the development stage. The project aims to completely reconstruct the local road that connects the villages of Gabrevci, Dolni Lipovikj and Gorni Lipovikj with Konce. 

Reconstruction of the existing local road infrastructure in the municipality of Konce will be economically beneficial for the region as it will facilitate both the transport of goods and services and growing social connections between the villages and the Konce. Modernization of the road infrastructure will also enable easier and safer travel for the population living and working in this area of the municipality. 

“Supporting projects that improve the economic prospects and the quality of life of the citizens in the municipalities in which we operate is an important component of our social policy. Society is dependent on the road infrastructure, and supporting the economic growth of our local communities is a common interest,” added Pavlo Krivinsky, General Manager of Borov Dol.

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