Borov Dol starts preparing for testing and adjusting the equipment

Preparations are underway to start testing and adjust the primary ore crushing unit and conveyor belt. 

The conveyor belt, 7 km long, is the main transport line that directly connects the supply of ore from the Borov Dol warehouse to the ore storage facility of Bucim. The conveyor belt system is sophisticated engineering solution, made according to world standards, which will transport the crushed ore from the Borov Dol mine to the processing facilities of Bucim. 

The ore conveyor belt and the primary ore crushing plant will soon be put into testing. All activities for the imminent commissioning of the new copper mine are in the final phase and we are working intensively on the upcoming start of operation of the mine,” said Pavlo Krivinsky, General Manager of Borov Dol. 

In the concession area of ​​the mine Borov Dol, activities for exploitation of copper ore will be performed, and the further processing of the ore will take place in the flotation plant of Bucim.

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