Bucim and Borov Dol support the reconstruction of a 200 year old church in Radovish

The Bucim and Borov Dol mines, as socially responsible companies, respond to the needs of society and contribute to the development of the local communities.

As part of its sustainability policy and cultural heritage preservation program, Bucim and Borov Dol helped fund the reconstruction of the St. Prophet Elijah church in Radovish which dates back to the early 19th century. At a donor meeting, organized by the MOC-OA Diocese of Bregalnica, the Bucim and Borov Dol mines donated €7,000 for renovation of the 200 year old church of cultural and historical significance to the region.

We recognize the importance of contributing to the development of the local community and with our work, we strive to help the community in parallel. Restoration of the church is a long-term, sustainable benefit to the region which preserves a cultural heritage for future generations,” said Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim.

Pavel Krivinsky, Manager of Borov Dol commented, “Investing in the community is an integral part of every segment of our business. We are pleased to have joined in supporting this project to preserve the oldest church in Radovish which will benefit the residents of the municipality.”

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