Bucim 01.02.2020

Bucim continues to support young talents from its local communities

As a part of the Music Camp Fellowship program for young talents introduced by Bucim’s parent company, Solway Investment Group, in the countries of its operations in cooperation with the world renowned Salzburg Festival, Bucim continues to support creative youth residing in Radovish and Konce.

One of our main goals is to invest in our local communities and their citizens. Bucim’s socially responsible initiatives are aimed at improving the lives of those living in these communities. We help across many different areas of life, including youth education and development, culture, art and sports. Another important aim of Bucim’s social activities is to nurture the next generation of creative talent. We do this by forging links between new talents and established international cultural institutions, as well as by encouraging and sponsoring participation in Solway’s international Music Camp Fellowship program.

Radovish resident Jana Jovanova is ten years old and therefore still too young to audition for the fellowship. Despite her young age, Jana is a well-established participant in music contests and has won numerous awards, first prizes, special awards and laureate titles at national and international competitions, including the Antonio Vivaldi International Competition in Vienna. Jana has received over 20 first prizes and is the youngest ever artist to win the “6th of November Award” for special achievements in culture and art awarded by the Radovish municipality.

Since the start of Jana’s journey to stardom three years ago, Bucim has been supporting her participation in international competitions in which the young pianist has displayed her musical talents. This year, Bucim provided Jana with a digital piano so that she could continue practicing and move forward on her musical journey.

By supporting young and ambitious talents in our local communities, we stimulate their ability to dream bigger and serve as role models for others. Jana is certainly the best example of a musically gifted young person with huge potential to become a renowned artist. We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide her with a suitable instrument and play at least a small part in an exceptional young individual pursuing her dreams.”- added Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim DOO Radovish.

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