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Donations at Christmas

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the Borov Dol and Bucim mines donated New Year’s gifts and food packages, in order to contribute to the beautification of the upcoming holidays, to bring joy to the children and local residents of nearby communities.

By donating 100 packages of food products to the Municipal Organization Red Cross – Radovish, intended for socially disadvantaged families from the municipality of Radovish and the municipality of Konce, the mines Borov Dol and Bucim started the traditional Christmas donations. Over the past two weeks, the managers of Bucim and Borov Dol visited the kindergartens in Radovish and Konce, the users of the Daily Center for People with Intellectual Disabilities Poraka, the youngest members of the wrestling club Bucim and made them happy with New Year’s gifts. 

The distribution of New Year’s packages for the children of the employees is a long-standing tradition. The mines also donated Christmas packages to the Municipal Red Cross – Radovish for the youngest members of socially vulnerable families in Radovish, to the Association of Turkish Humanitarian and Cultural Activities, the Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities from Radovish and Konce “Mobility”, as well as the children of socially vulnerable families in Konce.

“Every child’s smile is a great joy. During the holiday period, we tried to make the children happy, to create beautiful holiday moments and to help socially vulnerable families. The holidays are a moment for new hope and new faith that a better and more successful year is ahead for all of us,” explained Ivica Karapetrov, acting General Manager of Borov Dol.

Bucim and Borov Dol traditionally, on the eve of the New Year’s and Christmas holidays, give New Year’s packages to the youngest members of their local communities. This year, more than 1,000 Christmas packages were distributed, in order to bring many children smiles and add to beautiful holiday moments and memories.

“The holidays are a time when we wish each other a lot of health, a lot of joy and a lot of happiness for the coming year. The greatest and most important is the joy and happiness of children. With the desire to beautify their holidays by giving them New Year’s gifts, we tried to contribute to the festive atmosphere”, added Oleg Chusovitin, General Manager of Bucim.

The mines as before, and in the future, will continue with the realization of humanitarian and socially responsible activities, to improve and enhance the life of local communities. This year, the New Year’s donations were completed with the allocation of funds in the amount of €5,000 to the Daily Center for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Poraka, for improving the building. 

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