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The employees of the Bucim and Borov Dol mines showcased their dedication to a healthy lifestyle and sports

The mines proudly announce the participation of their employees in the Superior Runs marathon, which took place in Shtip for the second consecutive year. Serving as sponsors of this sporting event, the mines reaffirm their dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles and teamwork, closely aligning with the values of the ESG concept.

The involvement of 30 employees from the Bucim and Borov Dol mines in the Superior Runs marathon underscores their commitment to advancing health and wellness within the community. The Mines women’s team delivered an outstanding performance, securing 19th place, while the Men’s team achieved a commendable 23rd place, highlighting the success of their collective endeavors and their dedication to active living and sports.

Aleksandr Rakov, General Manager of the Bucim and Borov Dol mines, expressed his joy at the employee participation, stating, “At the Buchim and Borov Dol mines, we cultivate a culture of health and well-being among our employees. The enthusiastic involvement of our employees in the marathon not only reflects their personal dedication to teamwork but also resonates with our broader corporate values of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Through their support of the Superior Runs Marathon, the commitment of the Bucim and Borov Dol mines to backing initiatives that foster health and well-being through active sports, both within the companies and in the larger community, is underscored.

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The Bucim Mine has generously donated IT equipment in support of the digital inclusion initiative for children in Macedonia

Bucim Mine has joined the “Donate a Computer” initiative, demonstrating its commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles by contributing over 250 pieces of IT equipment.

The “Donate a Computer” humanitarian action focuses on collecting used computers and equipment, restoring them, and distributing them to citizens from vulnerable categories. In addition to assisting socially disadvantaged individuals, the organization also provides support to educational institutions. To date, they have positively impacted over 2,500 individuals and 30 schools across the country. Moreover, high school students actively participate in repairing the donated equipment, providing them with the opportunity to acquire practical skills.

Ivica Karapetrov, deputy manager of the Bucim and Borov Dol mines, expressed the company’s dedication to this socio-humanitarian cause, stating, “Our participation in the ‘Donate a Computer’ initiative represents our commitment to using technology for social good, promoting digital literacy, and fostering inclusive growth in the communities we serve. The donation of over 250 pieces of IT equipment, including computer cases, monitors, laptops, keyboards, printers, scanners, WIFI routers, and much more, is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to supporting digital inclusion for children in Macedonia.”

“Donate a Computer” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to ensure every family in Macedonia has access to at least one computer. Recognizing the essential role of computers in learning, the organization repairs and donates used but operational computer equipment, with a primary focus on supporting children from socially vulnerable backgrounds.

Through this contribution, Bucim Mine aligns itself with the broader goal of “Donate a Computer” to bridge the digital divide in Macedonia. The initiative seeks to empower children by providing them with the necessary learning tools, emphasizing that the computer is not a luxury but a key educational resource.

Collection of non-hazardous waste

DPTU Borov Dol DOOEL and DPTU Buchim DOOEL from Radovish need to enter into an Agreement with a company for the collection of non-hazardous waste.

Companies that want to participate in this tender should submit official offers to the e-mail address tender@borovdol.mk so that the most favorable offer can be selected.

All interested parties that will submit an offer should be familiar with the following conditions and criteria

More about the tender

Calibration of scales


DPTU Borov Dol DOOEL and DPTU Buchim DOOEL from Radovish need to enter into an Agreement with a scale calibration company.

Companies that want to participate in this tender should submit official offers to the e-mail address tender@borovdol.mk so that the most favorable offer can be selected.

All interested parties that will submit an offer should be familiar with the following conditions and criteria

More about the tender

Fuel supply


DPTU Borov Dol DOOEL and DPTU Buchim DOOEL from Radovish need to conclude an Agreement with a fuel supply company.

Companies that want to participate in this tender should submit official offers to DPTU Borov Dol at tender@borovdol.mk so that the most favorable offer can be selected.

All interested parties that will submit an offer should be familiar with the following conditions and criteria

More about the tender



As a continuation of the long-standing Christmas tradition, Bucim dedicated the holiday days to giving gifts to the socially vulnerable residents of the local community.

In the first days of 2024, Bucim engaged in cooperation for humanitarian purposes with the Municipality of Radovish and the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia – Radovish Municipal Organization. This humanitarian action, instigated by the mine, is being carried out for the fourth year, to help the citizens during the Christmas holidays. Bucim, as a socially responsible company, tries to enrich the tables of citizens from the socially vulnerable category, by donating packages with food products and groceries for food preparation, to 100 communities. The packages were distributed by representatives of the Municipality of Radovish, the Red Cross Municipal Organization of Radovish, and representatives of Bucim and Borov Dol.

This tradition is an expression of our concern for the community. During the holidays, we visited families at social risk and gave them packages of food products so that they could celebrate the holiday with a full table. The Bucim mine will continue to help those families in need,” said Alexander Rakov, manager of Bucim and Borov Dol.



Bucim and Borov Dol, for the first time in their operations, opened their doors to the families of employees and hosted the unforgettable event “Friendship with Santa Claus”, offering a warm welcome to the children of their employees. The event took place on 30.12.2023 in the festive New Year setting of the districts of Bucim and Borov Dol.

The employees’ children were overjoyed when Santa Claus passed out New Year’s presents. It was a cheerful atmosphere in Borov Dol and Bucim with lots of smiles and socializing. More than 70% of the employees’ children were present at the event, which was enjoyed and rejoiced by all. In addition to fun games with the animators, photo booth sessions, face painting with mascots, and gifts from Santa Claus, children had the opportunity to make new friends and, also, get accustomed to what their parents do by looking at the mining machines on specially organized tours led by a group of employee volunteers.

Together, the employees of the mines decided on the activities and the concept of the event. Their opinions on how the event should be run and potential innovations were encouraged, ushering in a new tradition of celebrating the holiday season in the workplace with families. “Friendship with Santa Claus” is a shining example of corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) values, embodying the spirit of a company that cares for its employees and their families.

The happiness of our employees’ children is also our happiness. We foster a workplace culture that embraces the essence of family and community. This was the first, but not the last, time we will unite our large family for an extraordinary event,” said Alexander Rakov, manager of Bucim and Borov Dol

Link to video with inserts from the event: https://youtu.be/4RdMyXLw2Pg



Borov Dol, as a socially responsible company and a firm advocate of management principles within ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance), announces recent activities to support the local community during the festive period.

As part of its ongoing commitment to encourage sustainable growth and development of the community, the mine donated a passenger van to the wrestling club Bucim Champions Konche during the New Year’s holidays. This contribution aims to improve the operational efficiency of clubs to facilitate the transportation needs necessary for the development of young, promising athletes in Konche Municipality. The gesture reflects Borov Dol’s commitment to supporting extracurricular activities for children in the region.

The deputy manager of the Bucim and Borov Dol mines, Ivica Karapetrov, expressed his enthusiasm for the contribution, stating: “Sport has the power to shape character and instill valuable life skills. Investing in the development of our youth is an investment in the future. We aim to encourage young athletes to pursue their passion with greater dedication and reach their full potential.”

In addition to the donation of a passenger vehicle to the local wrestling club, the Borov Dol mine continued its tradition of bringing joy to children from socially disadvantaged families in Konche Municipality during the New Year’s holidays. The mine gave Christmas packages to the children of these families, bringing warmth and happiness during the holiday season. New Year’s packages were also awarded to all the children in the Kindergarten “12 July” in Konche, as well as to the youngest members of the wrestling club, “Bucim Champions Konche”.

“We believe in creating value not only for our shareholders but also for the communities in which we operate. These socially responsible activities reflect our commitment to ESG principles and emphasize our determination to make a positive impact on society”, added Alexander Rakov, manager of Bucim and Borov Dol mines.



Following the tradition of bringing smiles and joy during the New Year’s holidays, the Bucim and Borov Dol mines organized several holiday donations this year in the municipalities in which they operate – Radovish, Konche, and Shtip.

The mines continued their tradition by distributing packages to over 1 200 children. This year, representatives of Bucim and Borov visited the Poraka Day Center for people with intellectual disabilities, kindergartens in Radovish and Konce, wrestling clubs in Radovish and Konce, and various associations and educational institutions. Each child was delighted with a New Year’s gift, which is a special part of the tradition of the Bucim and Borov Dol mines.

Donations to the youngest residents are carried out in the local communities where the mines operate. Alexander Rakov, manager of Bucimi Borov Dol, said: “During these days, we feel the true meaning of community spirit. This initiative is not only a tradition for us but also a way of putting smiles on the faces of children in our communities. Their joy is our joy!”

Ivica Karapetrov, deputy manager of Bucim and Borov Dol, added: “We are sincerely happy that we can mark these holidays with gifts for the young children. Their smiles are our greatest reward, and the joy on the children’s faces is the best indicator that we are making a positive change in society.”

In addition to the distribution of New Year’s packages for children, the mines also supported municipal New Year’s activities and donated New Year’s packages to various communities and organizations, including the Municipal Organization Red Cross – 

Radovish intended for the socially vulnerable families in Radovish, the Association of Turks for Humanitarian and cultural activities Kudret Jasham Dernegji and the State High School for Education and Rehabilitation “Iskra” – Shtip, as well as for the children of socially vulnerable families in Konche Municipality. Also, this year, the mines supported the municipal activity in Radovish – “Meeting with Santa Claus” and Christmas litany.

The Bucim and Borov Dol mines will continue with this tradition to mark the festive spirit and make the youngest residents of the local communities happy.



As a demonstration of the Bucim’s commitment to caring for the community, the mine made a significant contribution to the municipality of Radovish by donating a passenger vehicle, which once again confirms its commitment to encouraging positive changes in the community.

This philanthropic gesture aims to address the multifaceted needs of Radovish residents, providing a vital solution to challenges related to communication and mobility within the municipality. The donated vehicle represents a tangible commitment to partnership and cooperation between Bucim Mine and the municipality of Radovish. Designed to benefit local schools requiring transportation for practical teaching purposes, the donated van will also serve as a valuable resource for cultural societies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and sports clubs, facilitating seamless travel for their diverse activities.

Aleksandr Rakov, Manager of Bucim and Borov Dol Mines, expressed the mine’s commitment to the welfare and progress of Radovish, stating, “This vehicle signifies our dedication to supporting education, culture, and sports, while enhancing accessibility for those facing mobility challenges. We eagerly anticipate observing the positive impact this donation will have on the community.”

The official handover ceremony, which took place on 25.12.2023, symbolizes Bucim Mine’s unwavering commitment to fostering a stronger and interconnected Radovish. This initiative is aligned with the mine’s ongoing efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen, actively contributing to the betterment of the communities it serves.