ICT equipment donated for online learning

Bucim and Borov Dol mines have donated €8,400 worth of modern ICT equipment to students and primary schools in Radovish, Konce, v. Oraovica and v. Injevo to ensure the smooth functioning of the education system in the emergencies and conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as local schools move towards online learning. 

In order to help students and schools cope as successfully as possible with the present situation, Borov Dol procured tablets and internet connections for students from socially disadvantaged families at the Goce Delcev primary school in the municipality of Konce. Bucim donated computer equipment for the needs of the primary schools: Krste Petkov Misirkov in Radovish, Cyril and Methodius in v. Oraovica, and Orce Nikolov in v. Injevo.

With these donations, the mines are helping to make distance learning possible for all families and for students to be able to attend online classes during this academic year.

Supporting education is part of our social policy, and we are constantly investing in the development of this area, in order to help young people receive an education, provide support to schools whenever they need it, especially now during the corona crisis when help is most needed,” said Nikoljacho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager, Bucim.

Education is important for the development of society. We recognize the importance of support and cooperation with our society, and consciously identify the areas we need to focus on. Taking into account the changes in the curriculum, and that there are students who lack the digital devices and internet access necessary to participate in online teaching, we have provided these solutions in order for online school to operate smoothly and ensure equal learning conditions for all children,” said Pavlo Krivinsky, General Manager of Borov Dol.

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