Field inspection of the operation of the Borov Dol mine

In order to inform the media, and first and foremost the affected public, with the work, rights and obligations of DPTU Borov Dol DOOEL Radovish, we would like to inform that on 18.10.2021, the responsible bodies of the State Environmental Inspectorate (SEI) conducted an inspection on the basis of a reported leak.

The field inspection was performed at the indicated locations, where in the presence of the competent authorities, samples were taken from the water in the surface watercourse Penliv Dol to determine the actual situation with regard to the potential presence of pollutants in the water. This inspection sought to check for any potential contamination from the Borov mine. The samples were submitted for laboratory tests in accredited laboratories, and the findings from the analyses will be submitted in a timely manner to the competent authorities and presented to the public.

To date, there has not been an environmental incident in the operations of the Borov Dol mine. The working activities of the mine are carried out in accordance with the established norms and standards of the system for environmental protection according to the IPPC permit, which includes the working conditions, duties, measures, and activities that should be taken into account for the protection of environment. The mine continuously monitors its impact on the environment and in its operations behave carefully and responsibly, in order to avoid and prevent environmental pollution.

DPTU Borov Dol DOOEL Radovish is a responsible company, open for cooperation with all competent institutions at the state and local levels, as well as for communication with representatives of civil society organizations and the local population, and is also available to the media, for any clarification or response at any time. 

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