Support for the development of the local infrastructure in the Municipality of Radovish

Bucim reaffirms its commitment to promoting the sustainable development of the local community by supporting the municipality in investments for reconstruction and construction of local road infrastructure.

On June 22, 2022, recognizing the needs of the community DPTU “Bucim” DOO Radovish and the Municipality of Radovish signed an agreement for donation of 10,000 m3 of crushed stone buffer to support infrastructure projects in Radovish, worth about 40,000 euros.

During the upcoming period, the Bucim mine will provide the Municipality of Radovish with a crushed stone buffer intended for the implementation of infrastructure projects in the municipality, which will enable the construction and arrangement of local streets to provide better conditions and allow residents easier access to their homes. It will also contribute to improved communication between the settlements, as well as the surrounding settlements in the region, which is of special importance to the inhabitants and the development of the municipality.

As partners of the local community, we are focused on providing value to society and are committed to supporting and implementing projects aimed at improving the quality of life of residents of local communities. We believe that through our social responsibility we can contribute to the improvement, advancement and development of the community in which we operate. By supporting the reconstruction and construction of local road infrastructure it will enable the connection of the settlements in Radovish, and thus provide a higher and better standard of living for the residents, which in essence means a constant improvement of living conditions,” said Oleg Chusovitin, General Manager of Bucim.

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