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Access to drinking water for all is our priority. We are committed to supporting and ensuring a better life for local communities

As of today, today, the villages of Bucim and Topolnica will be supplied with clean drinking water and the mines Bucim and Borov Dol are arranging for an uninterrupted supply of drinking water to the population in the neighboring villages.

The water is safe to drink and is being supplied from a cistern in both villages. This step makes it easier for villagers who previously had to travel daily to Radovish to get clean water. The supply of drinking water to the population and the solution of the shortage of drinking water in the villages of Bucim and Topolnica is a priority in the program for sustainable development of the mines. The mines are dedicated to overcoming this problem, and will continue to distribute drinking water to the population of both villages.

The Bucim mine has allocated 50,000 euros in order to research clean water sources and soon the Municipality of Radovish will be able to start the construction of a water supply network for the inhabitants of Buchim and Topolnica. This will solve the problem of water shortage for the population of these villages and as a result all households will have access to safe drinking water.

We are working to solve the problem of the residents of the villages Bucim and Topolnica, who do not have access to quality drinking water. The decade-long problem of the inhabitants of the villages Topolnica and Bucim is expected to be permanently solved soon by installing a water supply system and having access to safe and clean drinking water. Research is underway to find drinking water sources and we are trying to ensure that in the best way possible, so that neighboring villages can have a stable supply of clean water,” added Oleg Chusovitin, General Manager of Bucim.

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