Borov Dol has reaffirmed its commitment to responsible environmental practices

On March 1, 2021, Borov Dol conducted measurements of industrial wastewater generated in the vicinity of the mine.

Surface water collection was performed by an accredited laboratory in the presence of State Environmental Inspectorate (SEI) representatives. Tests were taken from the surface stream Penliv Dol, a tributary of the Kriva Lakavica river. The results of the analysis showed that the industrial wastewater markers found near the Borov Dol mine were all within the permitted parameters.

Borov Dol prioritizes minimizing the impact of its mining operations on local water resources. Prior to being discharged into the Penliv Dol stream, waters from both the surface Borov Dol mine and its waste rock dump are treated at the water plant. The waters are only released into Penliv Dol after having undergone purification treatment. 

“Our company is environmentally responsible and open to cooperation with all relevant institutions at the state and local levels, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and members of the local communities. We monitor all aspects of our local environment on an ongoing basis, and take all necessary measures to eliminate any potential impact of the operations of the Borov Dol mine,” added Pavlo Krivinskyi, General Manager of Borov Dol.

Borov Dol continuously monitors the air, emission sources, wastewaters, ground and surface waters, noise, and soil. As part of its sustainable development strategy, Borov Dol plans to certify its quality and environmental management systems according to the international ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards by the end of 2021. The mine will begin with continuous planting of acacias at appropriate locations in order to minimize dust from its mining activities.

Results of laboratory analysis of water samples taken on March 1, 2021

**Permitted parameters for discharges according to Borov Dol’s integrated environmental permit
Measuring point No. 1 – Surface of Penliv Dol stream near the treatment plant
Measuring point No. 2 – Along the Penliv Dol stream
Measuring point No. 3 – In Kriva Lakavica

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