The copper mine Borov Dol obtained an IPPC permit

Pursuant to the Law on Environment of North Macedonia, after determining and inspecting the fulfillment of the necessary conditions for obtaining an environmental permit provided by the laws and bylaws, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning issued an integrated pollution prevention and control permit for the copper mine “Borov Dol” DOOEL Radovish. 

An IPPC permit is in accordance with the established standards for environmental protection, which includes working conditions, duties, measures and activities that should be taken into account for environmental protection, based on the use of the best available techniques. The permit identifies and describes all installation activities covered by the permit. It regulates the work of the mine in the field of environmental protection, as well as monitoring the development of the best available techniques that are relevant to the operation of the mine and the requirements regarding the environmental standards to be established, applied and maintained, in order to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. 

“Environmental protection is one of our top priorities throughout the whole life cycle of the mine. The Borov Dol mine respects global and national environmental regulations and laws, and is designed and developed to compare mining activities using the best available methods in industrial production, in order to ensure minimal environmental impact and sustainable use of natural resources,”  said Pavlo Krivinsky, General Manager of Borov Dol. 

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