Bucim and Borov Dol expand their comprehensive fight against COVID-19

As constructive partners of their local communities, the mines strive to actively contribute towards the fight against the Covid-19 virus. DPTU Bucim DOO Radovish donated vehicle disinfection systems to PE Plavaja – Radovish. DPTU Borov Dol DOOEL Radovish donated protective masks and antiseptics to the Municipal Red Cross – Radovish. These materials will be used for preventive measures for the inhabitants of the Konce and Radovish municipalities.

These donations aim to provide additional protection for local residents and reduce the risk of spread of the virus in the municipalities of Radovish and Konce. Vehicle disinfection systems will be installed at both entrances of the city of Radovish, as additional precautions to limit exposure to the virus. Protective masks and antiseptics will be distributed to the inhabitants of Konce and Radovish. These will be distributed by Municipal Red Cross – Radovish to families in need. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Bucim and Borov Dol mines have taken increased precautions to protect the health of all of their employees while ensuring business continuity. The mines have fully implemented the measures and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the ministry of health, and the government of North Macedonia. In order to reduce the risk of exposure, the cabins of technical vehicles, equipment, buses and work premises are regularly disinfected and all employees are provided on a regular basis with antiseptics and protective face masks. In addition, a limited entry system was introduced for external collaborators and visitors. Employees with children up to the age of 10 and employees with chronic diseases have been relieved of their work responsibilities. All events and meetings have been canceled and the restaurant’s dining schedule was altered in order to avoid gatherings large numbers of people in one place at one time.

Bucim and Borov Dol are pleased to report that to date there has not been a single case of Covid-19 has been reported amongst their employees.

The company’s actions are carried out in accordance with all recommendations. Our employees are provided with a safe working environment with all available precautions. In dealing with one of the largest ever global health crises, the Covid-19 pandemic, cooperation is essential. We recognize the importance of supporting and cooperating with our local communities, particularly in such extraordinary circumstances. We are focused on contributing to the preservation of the health and safety of our employees and local residents to jointly overcoming the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic,” explained Nikoljaco Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim.

“In Borov Dol, all protective measures have been taken. Our work has been reorganized in accordance with all necessary precautions in order to protect the health of our employees and to maintain the continuity of our operations. We also take equal care for the local community in which we operate. The concern for society is deeply rooted in our work, especially in these newly challenging times fighting the Covid-19 virus,” added Pavlo Krivinsky, General Manager of Borov Dol.

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