Bucim mine will continue to operate until launch of Borov Dol mine

The copper mine Bucim DOO Radovish marked the first half of 2020 with completion of exploitation of the mineral resources from the Chukar 2 ore body, in accordance with its annual production plan.

During the month of July, there will be a planned slowdown of the production process in the Bucim mine so that construction work may be performed to build the conveyor belt that will connect the Borov Dol and Bucim mines. During the time of suspension of production, about 40 employees will be put on leave in July, but they will still receive 70% of their full salaries, certainly in previous agreement with them. This month will be also used for planned regular overhaul of the flotation plant. From 1 July to 1 August, activities will be carried out for necessary, ongoing repairs of the flotation plant and in parallel, preparations will also be made for further exploitation of copper ore from the North-East 2 ore body.

Based on detailed geological research performed previously, it has been proven that there are other quantities of mineral reserves identified in the North-East 2 ore body. This will ensure the exploitation and processing of mineral resources and smooth operations of the Bucim mine.

The explored mineral reserves will enable the continuous production process in the mine through the end of 2020. We will use the upcoming period for intensive preparation for the exploitation of mineral resources from the North-East 2 ore body which will ensure continuity in the production process and optimal utilization of the copper ore in Bucim, ” said Nikoljacho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim.

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