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Support for the centuries-old cultural and state heritage

In order to contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage in North Macedonia, which celebrates the cultural identity of the Macedonian people, the Borov Dol mine donated goods and services valued at approximately €14,000 during the second half of 2021. 

For the development of the economy of the Monastery “St. Gavril Lesnovski” in the village Lesnovo, Probistip, which is based on the production of cow and sheep milk, Borov Dol helped the newly built monastery’s modern farm and barn for breeding and milking cows, and donated a generator for electricity production and power supply to the farm for the organic production of milk. This facilitates the whole process of the monastery fraternity of the Lesnovo Monastery, consisting of three monks who independently maintain and renovate the monastery complex, which has an important place in Macedonian cultural history and is key to the development of rural tourism in the region.

Over the past few months, the Borov Dol mine, in line with its commitment to supporting the traditions of the people and cultural heritage, procured copper sheet metal in August for the needs of the Monastery “Holy Mother of God” in Kichevo. It was used to complete the construction of the monastery fountain by covering the roof with copper. In November, the road connecting the village of Injevo with the Monastery “St. Archangel Michael” in Radovish was paved, providing access to the monastery for the celebration in honor of the patron saint of the monastery, the Feast of St. Archangel Michael. This feast is one of the biggest Christian holidays when locals celebrate their protector.

Our country has a rich cultural heritage which is of immeasurable importance. It should be protected, preserved and maintained as a lasting pledge for future generations. We recognize the importance of protecting and preserving our shared cultural heritage and its significance. For these reasons, we will continue with such support, which is essential, because they contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage in the country, as well as to the sustainable development of communities. Investing in cultural heritage has a reciprocal effect on overall development. Apart from the spiritual significance and cultural importance, the cultural heritage is also an important resource for encouraging the economic and tourist development of rural communities,” said Ivica Karapetrov, acting General Manager of Borov Dol.

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