Within the framework of its sustainability policy and science advancement program, the Bucim mine was once again a sponsor of the 12th international expert conference on underground and surface exploitation and exploration of mineral resources, PODEKS – POVEKS 2019.

The event was organized by the Association of Mining and Geology Engineers from Republic of North Macedonia and the Goce Delčev University of Štip’s Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences. It took place from November 1–3, 2019 in Strumica, North Macedonia.

The conference included presentations on the new technical and technological achievements and the production results in underground and open pit exploitation of mineral resources. It also covered advancements in geology, a realistic perspective on the current situation in underground quarries for lead, zinc, and other mineral resources, and a view of production in open-pit quarries for copper and other metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources. Directions and perspectives for further development of the technologies for underground and surface mining were also shared. Representatives from the mining and geological industries of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and other countries, participated in discussions and exchanged scientifically practical information, opinions, and experiences on the development of the mining sector.

These expert meetings in the fields of mining and geology offered an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences relating to the processes of underground and surface exploitation of mineral resources. These discussions are valuable in reaching conclusions and generating ideas for further activities towards the resolution of specific current issues in underground and surface exploitation, as well as for the broader future development of mining and geological activities in the Republic of North Macedonia and the region.

Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim DOO Radovish, commented on the occasion:“As a socially responsible company, we are aware that in addition to our own development, we must also take into account the development of the entire mining sector. This is the principle that guides our company. Therefore, within our capabilities, we allocate funds each year for the realization of relevant leading scientific conferences. By sharing experiences and transferring knowledge, we continuously improve our profession, establishing new, higher standards in the spirit of the time in which we live and work, and the challenges which we all face. “

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