Bucim is excited to announced its support of a project nominated for the international shortlist of the FEDORA Education Prize

The 2020 Salzburg Festival marks the first season in which Bucim and Solway’s Creative Fellowship project has been integrated into the festival’s Jung&jede*r youth program. This partnership has already been recognized for the benefits which it offers, as Jung&jede*r was shortlisted for the FEDORA Education Prize last week.

Bucim first participated in the Solway Creative Fellowship program in 2016 when its parent company, Solway Investment Group, entered into a partnership with the Salzburg Festival and became the official sponsor of the Salzburg opera camps for children and youth.

Beginning in 2016, Bucim announces a call for applications each fall for young creatives living in Radovish and Konce who would like to further develop their talents, learn English and have the experience of attending an international camp where together with youngsters from all over the world they will stage an opera performance. The program is aimed at broadening the future perspectives of young Macedonians by integrating their national cultural experiences in an international context. Over 60 young talents have participated in the Creative Fellowship program since it first was introduced in North Macedonia.

Last week, the European cultural and philanthropic network, FEDORA, announced that the Salzburg Festival’s Jung&jede*r program has been shortlisted for the Educational Award. FEDORA recognizes innovative projects which encourage the involvement of new and broader audiences while fostering social integration amongst the participants.

“We were thrilled to hear that the program in which Bucim is indirectly involved was shortlisted for its achievements in social integration among the participants. Supporting a project which has been recognized on a pan-European level proves that Bucim is on the right track in its efforts to positively influence sustainable development of the local communities in which the company operates.“commented Nikoljacho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim DOO Radovish.


FEDORA is a European cultural and philanthropic network and initiative that was selected by the European Commission to benefit from its Creative Europe funding program. This funding has allowed the initiative to launch its European Platform in support of artistic innovations in opera and ballet through privately-funded prizes. All FEDORA prizes lead the way in celebrating new talents and ideas in opera and ballet which will shape the future of these art forms.

Bucim 01.02.2020

Bucim continues to support young talents from its local communities

As a part of the Music Camp Fellowship program for young talents introduced by Bucim’s parent company, Solway Investment Group, in the countries of its operations in cooperation with the world renowned Salzburg Festival, Bucim continues to support creative youth residing in Radovish and Konce.

One of our main goals is to invest in our local communities and their citizens. Bucim’s socially responsible initiatives are aimed at improving the lives of those living in these communities. We help across many different areas of life, including youth education and development, culture, art and sports. Another important aim of Bucim’s social activities is to nurture the next generation of creative talent. We do this by forging links between new talents and established international cultural institutions, as well as by encouraging and sponsoring participation in Solway’s international Music Camp Fellowship program.

Radovish resident Jana Jovanova is ten years old and therefore still too young to audition for the fellowship. Despite her young age, Jana is a well-established participant in music contests and has won numerous awards, first prizes, special awards and laureate titles at national and international competitions, including the Antonio Vivaldi International Competition in Vienna. Jana has received over 20 first prizes and is the youngest ever artist to win the “6th of November Award” for special achievements in culture and art awarded by the Radovish municipality.

Since the start of Jana’s journey to stardom three years ago, Bucim has been supporting her participation in international competitions in which the young pianist has displayed her musical talents. This year, Bucim provided Jana with a digital piano so that she could continue practicing and move forward on her musical journey.

By supporting young and ambitious talents in our local communities, we stimulate their ability to dream bigger and serve as role models for others. Jana is certainly the best example of a musically gifted young person with huge potential to become a renowned artist. We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide her with a suitable instrument and play at least a small part in an exceptional young individual pursuing her dreams.”- added Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim DOO Radovish.


Christmas presents for the youngest

On the eve of the New Year’s and Christmas holidays, Bucim mine presented the youngest members of its local communities with New Year’s/Christmas gifts.

The company has always had a special focus on taking care of the local community. Bucim has been actively implementing a number of socially responsible practices and donations throughout the year, but the year always ends with the particular pleasure of handing out over one thousand carefully-selected Christmas presents.

During the last week of the calendar year, Bucim Mine traditionally celebrates by presenting Christmas gifts to the children of the Aco Karamanov kindergarten, to the daughters and sons of Bucim mine’s employees, to the children living in the Emanuel orphanage, and to those in the Poraka day care center for people with disabilities. The Bucim mine also presented New Year’s presents to the Red Cross Branch Radovish and to the Kudret Jasham Derneghi Turkish Association for humanitarian cultural activities to be distributed to children from socially disadvantaged families from the municipalities of Radovish and Konce.

The holidays are a great opportunity to create more joy and memorable moments for each of us. This is our traditional New Year’s activity which we gladly continue, and we hope that we’ll continue to contribute to putting smiles on children’s faces at this time of year. ” said Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim.


Occupational safety and health is an integral part of Bucim Mine’s operations

Bucim Mine, as a responsible employer, continuously provides appropriate training for its employees in the field of occupational safety and health in order to expand their knowledge and skills. This leads to a better and safer working environment, as well as improved employee performance by reducing workplace injuries and accidents.

Last week, a training was held on the premises of Bucim mine. The training was led by TECHNOLAB Skopje on an important topic: the use of personal protective equipment in workplaces exposed to chemical hazards. This training was attended by 25 occupational safety professionals from Bucim’s operating units, all of whom passed the occupational safety exam, and 10 external OSH professionals.

Through the use of practical examples and active participation of the training participants, Bucim’s employees were given the opportunity to learn about the dangers and hazards arising from workplaces exposed to chemical hazards, the risks which employees may face, as well as the measures which should be implemented to ensure safe execution of tasks in the workplace.

Occupational safety and health plays an important role in the mine’s operations; therefore, Bucim strives to establish modern, functional and harmonized occupational safety and health systems. Education and training of employees in the field of occupational safety and health are some of the most important factors for occupational safety and health. The Bucim mine strives to provide as much information and knowledge as possible to its employees. The greater the overall awareness, the lower the risk of injury at work. Trainings empower employees to take appropriate, direct action in a given situation. Every employee must know the basic rules of protection which should be adhered in accordance with Bucim’s ongoing commitment and investments in the area of ​​occupational safety and health.

“Bucim follows and abides by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We continually invest in the health and safety of our employees and strive to create a preventive culture in order to eliminate and manage risks to employees’ safety and health. In this regard, education is indispensable. Education and sharing experiences reinforce our employees’ ability to work properly and safely. For this reason, we pay particular attention to training and our employees’ professional development. said Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim


Borov Dol Construction Proceeds on Track with Development Plan

The new Borov Dol copper mine continues its development in accordance with the investment plan. 

All preparatory works for construction of the conveyor belt were completed by early December. Preparation of the primary crush site and removal of the overburden are currently in their final stages. 

The second tranche of the investment loan provided by Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje in the amount of EUR 5.5 million was approved and was used to finance construction of the conveyor belt, development of primary crushing equipment, and removal of the overburden. The total cost of the project is estimated as EUR 60 million, with plans to begin construction of the facilities in 2020. 

Borov Dol is expected to begin operations in September 2020. The projected life expectancy of the mine is currently estimated at 10 years, with the possibility of further extending the life of the mine. Borov Dol is expected to produce approximately 4.5 million tonnes of copper ore annually.

The Borov Dol project is replacing the 40 year-old Bucim mine which is currently in the process of closing. The construction and operational plans have been developed to ensure a minimal environmental impact on the neighboring regions, and for the mutual benefit of the employees, investors and residents of the Konche, Radovish and Shtip municipalities. 

To minimize potential environmental impact, the infrastructure development plan uses most of the Bucim’s existing processing and storage facilities, while transporting the extracted ore via a 7 km long covered conveyer belt. This modern engineering solution for ore delivery controls the spread of dust and reduces air pollution to a minimum. This new project preserves the jobs of most of the employees currently engaged in Bucim’s operations, and also creates new opportunities for the residents of Konche, where most of the Borov Dol mine concession is located.

Our goal is to establish sustainable development at Borov Dol, with a focus on environmental, social and safety standards, thereby contributing to the positive development of mining in the region.” added Pavel Krivinsky, Manager of Borov Dol.



As a socially responsible company, the Bucim mine supports its local communities and is committed to having a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. With the full support of its parent company, Solway Investment Group, the mine has a strong positive impact on society and takes pride in the results of its work.

On August 28, Macedonian Miners’ Day, and also the day on which the Bucim mine celebrated two significant jubilees: 40 years since its opening and 15 years as part of Solway Investment Group, Bucim mine presented the municipalities of Radovis, Shtip and Konce with vouchers which they could use to address some of the municipalities’ needs.

One of the vouchers provided heating to 80 children. The Pchelka facility, part of the kindergarten Vera Ciriviri Trena in Shtip, received a new pallet heating system paid for by the donation from the mine. Heating was a long-standing problem for the kindergarten in Stip.

The municipality of Radovis used its voucher to equip the kindergarten Aco Karamanov in Radovis with power inverters and to purchase multimedia technology for the primary school Kosta Racin in the village Podaresh, Radovish. This investment improved the quality of education which the school is able to offer.

The municipality of Konce used its voucher to procure a communal mechanism to improve the capacity of the municipal public enterprise and the quality of public services, as well as to maintain infrastructure and improve hygiene in the municipality. Through its activities, Solway Investment Group is dedicated to supporting the development of and giving back to the local communities in which it operates.



Within the framework of its sustainability policy and science advancement program, the Bucim mine was once again a sponsor of the 12th international expert conference on underground and surface exploitation and exploration of mineral resources, PODEKS – POVEKS 2019.

The event was organized by the Association of Mining and Geology Engineers from Republic of North Macedonia and the Goce Delčev University of Štip’s Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences. It took place from November 1–3, 2019 in Strumica, North Macedonia.

The conference included presentations on the new technical and technological achievements and the production results in underground and open pit exploitation of mineral resources. It also covered advancements in geology, a realistic perspective on the current situation in underground quarries for lead, zinc, and other mineral resources, and a view of production in open-pit quarries for copper and other metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources. Directions and perspectives for further development of the technologies for underground and surface mining were also shared. Representatives from the mining and geological industries of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and other countries, participated in discussions and exchanged scientifically practical information, opinions, and experiences on the development of the mining sector.

These expert meetings in the fields of mining and geology offered an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences relating to the processes of underground and surface exploitation of mineral resources. These discussions are valuable in reaching conclusions and generating ideas for further activities towards the resolution of specific current issues in underground and surface exploitation, as well as for the broader future development of mining and geological activities in the Republic of North Macedonia and the region.

Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim DOO Radovish, commented on the occasion:“As a socially responsible company, we are aware that in addition to our own development, we must also take into account the development of the entire mining sector. This is the principle that guides our company. Therefore, within our capabilities, we allocate funds each year for the realization of relevant leading scientific conferences. By sharing experiences and transferring knowledge, we continuously improve our profession, establishing new, higher standards in the spirit of the time in which we live and work, and the challenges which we all face. “

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Bucim copper mine gave a presentation today on best practices in the field of occupational safety and health at an event marking the European Week for Safety and Health at Work. Bucim is a conscientious and responsible employer which prioritizes the safety and health of its employees and ensures dignity and humanity in its labor relations.

Each year, the 43rd week of the calendar year is designated by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) as the European Safety and Health Week. As part of its celebration, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in cooperation with the National Council for Safety and Health at Work, organized a meeting at the MPs’ Club in Skopje. At this meeting, the Bucim DOO Radovish copper mine presented its own OSH practices relating to the topic: “Managing Dangerous Substances in the Workplace.”

Bucim was among the first companies in the Republic of North Macedonia to be awarded the international certificate for occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001: 2018.

Bucim continuously invests in the safety and health of its employees and strives to create a preventative culture to eliminate and manage risks to its workers’ safety and health.  The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy invited Bucim, as a company that follows and respects European policies in the field of occupational safety and health, to share its OSH practices in order to help further raise awareness about the presence of hazardous substances in the workplace, the risks to workers’ lives and health caused by exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace, and how hazardous substances should be managed in order to avoid and minimize risks.

“We hope that by sharing our internal practice, we can make a real contribution to the creation of a modern and contemporary occupational safety and health system in the Republic of North Macedonia. We do so not only because of our involvement in European-oriented campaigns, but simply because our workers deserve dignified and safe working conditions, and we as employers are obliged to ensure this. Occupational safety and health education is critical to making progress in improving working conditions and preventing occupational illness and injury; we as a company are always investing in training for our employees.” added Nikolajcho Nikolov, Deputy General Manager of Bucim DOO Radovish.


International Mining and Archaeology Symposium

Bucim DOO Radovish supports International Mining and Archaeology Symposium

Within the framework of its sustainability policy and cultural heritage preservation programme, Bucim DOO Radovish is supporting an international symposium on archaeology and mining. The event is organized by the NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Мuseum – Shtip, and will take place from September 12 – 15, 2019 in Shtip, North Macedonia.

Over the course of the three-day symposium, 58 authors from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom will present 28 scientific papers with the results of the latest archaeological research on mining and metallurgy in the Balkans, from the earliest prehistoric times through the Ottoman period.

The international symposium on mining and archaeology is the final step in Bucim’s eight-year cooperation project to preserve the region’s historical heritage together with the NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum – Shtip.

The multidisciplinary study on the emergence and origins of metallurgy in prehistoric cultures is the first of its kind in the history of the North Macedonia. Launched in 2011, it opened with protective archaeological excavations at the site of the current new Borov Dol mine development. During the years that followed, archaeological excavations were carried out at Borov Dol, Marcevo and Topolinicka River. This research was aimed at proving the hypothesis that the area has been a centre of mining and metallurgy since the Late Bronze and early Iron Ages.

The results of the interdisciplinary research carried out between 2011 – 2018 offer unambiguous and direct evidence of the existence of developed extractive metallurgy during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages in the region.  The findings will serve as the basis for a wider conservation study which will significantly add to current scientific knowledge of the archaeological cultural heritage of the area.

The artefacts which were found during the recent excavations will be shown at the Art Gallery “Bezisten” – Shtip as a part of the “Borov Dol 2011-2018” exhibition marking the official opening of the “International Mining and Archaeology Symposium”.

Nikolajcho Nikolov, Bucim deputy general manager, commented on the occasion: “Mining and metallurgy has always played an important technological and economical role throughout the history of mankind. Today, it is one of the founding industries of Macedonia’s modern economy. To develop and grow healthy businesses, while preserving the heritage and securing the environment, we must explore and learn from the lessons of the past. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this historical research which will serve as the basis for further scientific studies.  We hope there will be more opportunities for future mining and archaeology gatherings, which we will be pleased to continue to support.”


ISO 45001 Certificate

“Bucim” DOO Radovis has obtained an ISO 45001 Certificate for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)

“Bucim” DOO Radovish is among the first companies in the Republic of North Macedonia to have been awarded the international certificate for occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001: 2018.

The ISO 45001 standard is a safety and health management system. The adoption of this standard includes activities to improve safety processes at work, and also increases awareness of risks in the workplace.

Establishing this management system for safety and protection at work will contribute towards:

  • Reducing the risks to all stakeholders of exposure to organizational risks (namely employees);
  • Continuous improvement of safety and protection at work;
  • Introduction of health and safety standards across the entire organization in accordance with ISO 45001;
  • Methodological analysis of products and processes;
  • Measures being defined and observed.

After the certification audit regarding fulfillment of the requirements of the international standard ISO 45001: 2018, “Bucim” DOO Radovish acquired this certificate.

Having a Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System means that all processes and procedures carried out at the mine must comply with the requirements of ISO 45001: 2018. This is yet another confirmation of the successful operation of the Bucim mine.